Sirius Extends Partnership With Chrysler

Exactly one year after the initial announcement of the Sirius and XM merger, exactly nothing has happened, so it's no surprise that Sirius has decided to go ahead and extend its partnership with Chrysler. The deal will make Sirius the exclusive satellite radio provider in Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge model through 2017. By then I hope to have a satellite radio chip implanted in my brain. Or hell, maybe those wacky Chrysler concepts will be available by then.


If you're still curious about the damn merger that would among other things make features like à la carte programming possibly available—well, the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission are still sitting on their hands trying to decide whether or not this merger would be badass (the answer is yes). Lately, the keen, savvy and fortune-telling analysts have been quick to say an end is in sight, but now that we are passing the one-year mark, who knows, really. [Orbitcast, CNN Money]

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