Photo: GM

Sir MixALot couldn’t quite get his Turbo ‘Vette in 1986, but he could definitely get a Turbo Sprint, and that’s just as good. Rev up your one-liter inline-three cylinder and dump the clutch, we’re chirping front tires into the weekend, folks.

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Just looking at the numbers here. So this Sprint turbo with a 1 liter 3 cylinder turbo was putting out 70hp in the 80's. I believe the most powerful 1 liter turbo 3 cylinder in a modern car, the Ecoboost Ford Fiesta, with its most powerful option comes in at 140hp. So, we’ve doubled the horsepower for an engine the size of an all in one multifunctional printer. That’s impressive. Too bad Ford has pretty much pulled the plug on its ecoboost 1 liter engine.