Sino the Times: New BMW Flagship Sports-Car Concept to Drop in Shanghai?

Before you guys get all flamey, the concept car above is merely the BMW Z9 concept of 1999 vintage. That car has little to do with a new flagship sports-car model the company's been working up. Now, Automotive News says BMW has chosen the Shanghai auto show as the venue for a concept car that will hearken the company's upmarket twin-seater, said to wear the Z9 badge. In theory, the car will be a successor to the Z8 roadster, competing in the newly crowded ~$100,000 sports-car realm. Why Shanghai? We suspect it's to heighten BMW's profile in an important target country for luxury cars. According to an AW source, BMW would like to sell 15,000 Z9s per year — nearly three times what early projections had noted. Guess that means $100,000 is the new $50,000.

Spy Photos: New BMW Z9 Spotted Incognito [internal]


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