Singing Irish Teens Do the Impossible and Make Flying Ryanair Good

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Flying in basic economy class is, as we all know, trash. Flying on a budget airline like Ryanair can be even worse. But if you did get stuck on Ryanair, the famously brusque Irish line, full of Irish teens performing some folk music, it somehow becomes amazing.

The group, from St. Brendan’s College (which is actually more like a high school) in Killarney, sang Step it out Mary, a song originally by Irish folk group The High Kings. And while the High Kings are definitely good at what they do, the St. Brendan’s College crew rendition may be the ultimate version:

The flight was a short hop from London’s Standsted Airport to Kerry Airport (in the southeast of Ireland near Killarney), according to Irish broadcaster RTE, but in a way that’s a disappointment. Just imagine this as a transatlantic flight instead. Just an eight-hour party.

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I honestly don’t get all the hate. If you’re doing an 8-hour long flight on Ryanair, that’s your fault. But I recently flew Ryanair for the first time as a cheap “shuttle” from London to Toulouse, meaning it was a sub 2 hour long flight, and I honestly don’t get all the hate. Very basic interior. Basic seats. Etc... but it’s LESS THAN TWO HOURS. Buy yourself some decent noise-canceling headphones, and download a movie before you get on the plane, and it’s perfectly fine.