Shut up, get in the Oltcit Club, and drive. She’ll give you a cigarette, but don’t expect her to talk to you.

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Oh Jason! That was my first ever car.

1.3 l engine, 65 bhp (I guess), redline somewhere at 6500 rpm. With a broken exhaust it would sound pretty much rally like. Great car when it was working.

Lights and wipers controls were absolutely exquisite :)

Air cooled which means no engine boiling.

5 speed gearbox that was made to last forever if you were shifting correctly. I guess mine did somewhere on the 500k km until it was finally replaced by some shitty Dacia Nova.

It had brake discs on the rear wheels. Which meant that braking on ice would keep the car straight (as opposed to swivel left/right into other lanes).

Front braking discs were in the engine compartment, not on the wheels.

Handbrake would have its own small braking pads.

There were a few variants that had 1.1 engine and no brake discs on the rear wheels. And less powerful (50-55 bhp maybe)

Hell of a car. I wish I would I lost my virginity in that car. No such luck :)

Sometimes I miss it. Road trips were awesome in that car.

ps: you could start it the old ancient way by cranking the engine with the lever you use to change take out wheel nuts.