Shut Up And Fill Your Ear-Holes With 15 Minutes of Screaming Vintage Race Cars

Photo credit Rolex. This is actually a bunch of 1963-1968 USRRC and Can-Am cars, not the ones portrayed in the video, but it’s a good photo and I needed a placeholder. Don’t be so pedantic, okay? You might live longer. Also I’m sure these ones sounded great too.

FACT: Vintage racing is the very best thing about Monterey Car Week. You could hang out with a bunch of scowling millionaires ogling Delahayes parked a golf course, or you could go to Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca and see and hear tons of old-school race cars being driven in anger. Let’s do that now, shall we?


Our man Mike Roselli was there yesterday to take live video of the 1968-1974 Can-Am cars storming the track, and it’s a 15-minute celebration of explosive glorious race car noise.

Shut up, put down your pancakes, crank up the speakers, and enjoy.

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