Show Us Your Favorite Snow Hoonage Photos And Videos

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In the event that you live in the northeastern United States and get your news and information exclusively from Jalopnik, then it is my duty to warn you that it's going to snow this weekend. A lot, maybe. Probably. Oh, who knows?

However! This can be a good thing under the right conditions. If you have the right car, the right tires, the right skills, and the right mixture of bravery and stupidity, than you can have oodles of fun engaging in some snow hoonage.


Examples of this can be found far and wide across the Internet. Why don't you go ahead and post your favorite pictures and videos of vehicular misbehavior in the snow?

And while you're at it, give us your best tips for driving in snow and ice. There may be some winter driving newbies out there who could use your help.

Photo credit BMW Classic Facebook Page

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