Taken at face value, this case of a guy going apeshit with a machete on a car parked in his driveway sounds insane. But there's more to it than that. The enraged, machete wielding man's wife and another gentleman were in that car, and he apparently disapproved of their being together.

Christopher G. Mordecai, 44, walked outside of his Palm Bay, Fla. home to find a strange car in the driveway. Then he saw his wife and another dude inside, went back in to grab a machete, and turned the guy's windows into a shower of glass shards.


This sort of display — the blind rage of a cuckolded husband — could have happened anywhere. But thanks to Florida's mugshot magnifying glass, the world knows that it happened in the Sunshine State. Oh Florida, it's not just your crazy inhabitants that make you special, but your self-destructive policies. In particular, permissive booking photo release guidelines, and behind that, the ravages of a collapsed housing boom that has left many homeless.

Photo credit: troll.me; Brevard County Jail