Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Toyota is the brand's first - and kind of only - attempt at a GTI competitor. It's pretty old now, but you need to decide if its price make this a special FX.

It's close to All Hallow's Eve, and what more fitting horror show than yesterday's quartet of dilapidated '71 Citroën SMs in a creepy, dank warehouse? Hell, there was even a rusty pick axe holding up a hood in one picture. Fully 66% of you felt that the package deal's fifteen grand price was pretty scary too, awarding the seller a Crack Pipe loss that was more of a trick than a treat.

Remember when Toyota made interesting Corollas? Pepperidge Farm remembers. I don't know about you, but I think this 1987 Corolla FX-16 represents one of the last times that the Japanese car maker bothered to imbue their stalwart model line with anything close to a personality.

The E80 edition of the Corolla was one of the last to be offered in a bunch of body styles here in the states, hell they were even sold here as Chevys! A couple of generations later and pffft, sedan-city.


I seriously think that somebody should do some sleuthing and discover what has happened to all the different Corolla models - all the wagons and coupes and AWD editions and whatnot. It'd make for a great cable reality TV series, especially now that Honey Boo-Boo is screwed.

While the details on that are all being worked out, let's have a look at this FX-16 and see if its condition warrants its price. As you may recall, this was Toyota's hot three-door Corolla of the era, featuring the venerable 4A-GE DOHC 1.6-litre in crossways orientation. That mill was good for 112-bhp here in U.S. trim, and that wasn't bad for a late '80s econobox.

Yes, those ponies are pressed into duty through the front wheels, but that's the case in the similarly sized - and obvious role model for the FX-16 - VW GTI. Like the GTI, this FX-16 has a 5-speed stick, full instruments, sporty-looking alloys, and highly bolstered bucket seats.


The exterior looks serviceable albeit a little beat up. Likewise the interior seems like it wouldn't be a terrible place to spend time, if your expectations aren't set too high. Toyota really built 'em back in the day.

The ad notes that this particular FX-16 has some additions that the seller thinks warrants mention. Those include spark plug wires purchased at AutoZone - lifetime guarantee! - and some top-end work that includes a new water pump and timing belt. There's also a new clutch to exercise your left leg. That all should make this 200K car good for a few more miles, right?

Well, on the Debbie Downer side, the ad says that there's unrest in the South. The oil pan is leaking, and the seller says you'll be needing to replace one of the half shafts soon. Another issue is that the seller has put coil-overs on the car. Then there's the issue with the license as the car is presently on non-op. That could be a can-o-worms potentially.

Of course, if it is, then it's a $2,500 can, and you now need to vote on whether or not you think that is a price worth that can's opening. What do you think, is this down but not out FX-16 worth $2,500? Or, does the ad do more to make you lose interest in this - one of the last interesting Corollas?

You decide!

Fresno Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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