Short-Lived GM Car of the Day: Buick Reatta

The General has had its share of perennial models that carry the GM flag into battle for decades, but for every Corvette or LeSabre there's a car that starts out with great promise yet zigs right into obscurity. Today we honor the short-lived Buick Reatta. Manufactured for the 1988 through 1991 model years, the Reatta was closely related to the Cadillac Allant and sported the Riviera's futuristic touch-screen dashboard interface; sadly, in spite of being a good-looking car (by late-80s standards), the Reatta came with a wheezy pushrod V6 and it sold like snow-blowers in Dubai.

Buick Reatta [Wikipedia]

Cadillac Car! Allante! [internal]


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