Shopping For An Affordable 740chero? Better Move Fast!

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We saw a Volvo 240Chero not long ago, and a very sanitary job it was. But say you want a Volvo cartruck and don't want to spend the kind of money that gets you something that looks like it came that way from Göteborg- what then? Why, scrape together $499 and buy this '87 Volvo 740 Turbo that's already had Step One (of about 50 steps) in the -chero-izing process performed! Hmmm... under $500... turbocharging... are you thinking what we're thinking? Thanks to LTDScott for yet another great tip! [Craigslist Sacramento, go here if ad disappears]

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Great way to ruin a perfectly solid 740 Wagon. The thing looks like it would crack in half on a speed bump, and even if it was properly completed, all they've done is take the 740's giant enclosed (secure and weather tight) cargo area and replace it with an unusably small open bed.

In the interests of rigidity (this is a unibody car after all), the wall behind the back seat will probably have to be solid, precluding an Avalanche-style pass through.