Shocking Nature Video Of 2CV Reproduction

The majesty of seeing the iconic French voiture free and in its natural habitat is truly breathtaking. This video, from Emile Leray shows the incredible mating habits of 2CVs (maybe NSFW), and possibly the only live video of a 2CV hatchling first emerging ever recorded.

Though the title suggests the 2CVs are "steel camels," the video suggests a non-mammalian species, due to the egg-laying and lack of hair. Perhaps Citroën 2CVs are a sort of monotreme.

There's also an amazing-looking 2CV-based motorcycle thing in the beginning of the video that looks a lot like half of a cut-down 2CV chassis. Which it is, as we mentioned back in 2009. According to the limited help of Google Translate, Leray has made 2CV motorcycles and boats, and is a "graduate of African garages." But don't get too excited— the terrific story of him building the half 2CV (1CV?) motorcycle while stranded out in the desert may just be a story. He is an eccentric artist, and sometimes a good story is the point.


This video should be enough to help support the proposed ban on 2CV hunting and poaching, so please help these majestic creatures.

(Thanks, Brett!)

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