Shocking Photo Shows How Thieves Drove Right In To Red Bull Racing

Italian motorsport journalist Alberto Sabbatini posted this image of Red Bull Racing's break-in this morning, showing how thieves drove right into the factory in Milton Keynes. This is the kind of damage that occurs when you drive a silver 4x4 through the front glass doors of an office building.

Of all the things that are sitting around a Formula One team's factory, the fact that these thieves would steal easily recognizable trophies is completely baffling. Many of the stolen trophies were just replicas of the real things made for the display.


The only possible motivation I could think of for stealing a collection with so little pawnable value is that someone really, really hates the Red Bull Team. It's damaging to the morale of the team to not walk in to a wall of winning every day, that's for sure.

A blue Mercedes E-class wagon was also used in the break-in, but did not drive into the foyer of the factory.

Perhaps it's time for Red Bull to invest in some better security, like, I don't know...a person sitting at the front desk after hours? Or maybe a rent-a-cop at the premises' entrance?

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