Shish-Ka-Burban: Guardrail Skewers SUV

Illustration for article titled Shish-Ka-Burban: Guardrail Skewers SUV

This Chevy Suburban drove into the path of an oncoming guardrail and suffered some pretty spectacular consequences. The rail passed through the passenger-side fender, the cabin and out the rear window. Impressive images below.


[via Interesting Things]

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So, this guard rail didn't have one of the newer guard rail terminals, right?

Newer terminations have a built in features to capture the vehicle (so it doesn't go spinning wildly into traffic or off a cliff or whatever), and to safely absorb the vehicle's kinetic energy.

The SKT-350 in the picture stopped that truck going at 60mph by bending the guardrail into a big curly-Q, and it did it with out causing any damage to the passenger compartment.