Every October, the old-time gearheads at Lee Auto Supply take over Alameda's main drag for the Park Street Classic Car Show. As we saw last year, I prefer obsessive close-ups of emblems and carburetors to shots of endless rows of 60s Mustangs and Camaros- hey, you can find that stuff anywhere! Make the jump to see hundreds of photos of gleaming, chrome-plated goodness!

First, we've got a couple galleries full of emblems and trim.

Then we've got hood ornaments. Bring back the big chrome hood ornaments, Detroit!

I found a handful of DOTS cars at the show, including the '61 Mini, the '50 Ford (which now has a new paint job), the '64 Dart wagon, the '65 Thunderbird, the '55 Mercury, the '37 Cadillac, and the '60 VW Transporter.

And here's a final gallery of hood scoops, engines, and other stuff. Enjoy!