She'd Just Be Extra Weight

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The Audi R8 GT drops weight, adds power, and oozes sex. It's how they say "good morning" in Detroit... three days a year.


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Slid into The Matzohball

Ya know....

There is so much about the car industry I understand... and the rest is politics...

But can someone tell me how the outfit on a Female Product Specialist (in case "Booth babe" is reading).. really means a hill of beans against the vehicle being shown off?!

I mean here ya got a R8 (cant see if the bronze convertible or the hybrid b.s, plus I don't know if this has the V10 or just the usual mill) with a Specialist at its side.. helping it though the crowded masses..

In a little skinky black dress and heels. . . . . normal sports car attire, Id guess.

I guess what I mean to ask is..

What would differ in her outfit if she stood near most of what Porsche sells, Lamborghini, Maserati, Lotus, the 8C or anything over the 120k price tag with 2 doors...