Shanghai Maglev Train: Faster Than A Bugatti Veyron

This video, taken on a trip to Shanghai, China, features the 268 MPH Maglev Train with comparisons to the top speeds of the world’s fastest production cars.

The trip from the LongYang Station just outside of downtown Shanghai to the Pudong International Airport is 30km (19mi) and takes roughly 40 minutes by car; the maglev travels this distance in roughly 7 minutes. It does its task in virtual silence with none of the shuddering you'd expect after experience our own homegrown Amtrack. The acceleration is gradual, smooth and you never feel like you're traveling at a high rate of speed until the train starts its deceleration or you look out the window. It really is incredible.


It's a great reminder that even the fastest of production super cars can still be schooled by a vehicle designed to basically be an appliance. But, if this appliance doesn't excite you, we're not sure what will.

[via YouTube]


I've been on it twice, it's pretty amazing. The train leans slightly into the corners, which isn't as disconcerting as you would think. It's 40RMB for a round trip from the airport, and once you get to LongYang station you still have to take a bus to downtown Shanghai (if you don't spend 15RMB poking around the maglev museum there). Meanwhile, if you're not in a hurry a bus costs a measly 10RMB round-trip from the airport right to downtown.

It's amazing how technological process manages to render traveling at 200+mph, once thought to be as impossible as reaching the moon, as calm, serene, and even slightly boring. See the Shinkansen for more proof.

Still, if only America had the motivation to build these in the Eastern corridor - we can't get Acela working properly, why not tear it down and build a maglev instead?