Shabby Dolls: An Ode to Beaters

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Writing for Farago's The Truth About Cars, Lesley Wimbush offers up a love letter to the car most likely parked outside our place of residence (or was, once upon a time): the Beater. We recall our old Ford Festivas, Honda CRXs, Oldsmobile Firenzas or Buick Centurys in in the same way remembering the girl who kissed us willingly then left for some guy with an IROC makes us grip our PDAs tighter during the sales meeting. We remember the good times — the beach runs, the parking-lot doughnuts, the Friday-night cul-de-sacs — though the bad ones, say, leaving a clapped-out transmission lying in front of a prom date's house, don't seem as bad now. Here's to you, beaters, breaking down on the New Jersey Turnpike in the rain, you $%^#@*&!

In Praise of Beaters [The Truth About Cars]

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Al Navarro

Sheet, I'm the jackass who never had a beater per se. But I appreciate the concept. Even better is the "stealth beater", the car which look like crap, but goes like hell. Much more appealing than some riced out civic with an automatic and zero engine work.

BTW, I am Asian, so don't beat on me for using that "rice" term.

There's a very choice "stealth beater" listed here:…

Nick Denton, please buy this for the boys now.