Sgt. Smirnoff Goes For A Ride: Vodka-Swilling Boston Homeless Man Steals Police Car

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We've got the police blotter timeline:

4:00 PM — Boston police cruiser stolen from police garage in South Boston.

4:30 PM — Jeffrey P. Jarosz, 51, finishes first bottle of vodka while piloting police cruiser through crowded Boston streets.

4:40 PM — Jarosz finishes second bottle of vodka and pulls over a car with sirens and lights flashing.

4:50 PM — Boston Police receive numerous 911 calls from drivers claiming a heavily intoxicated man is "yelling at people to pull over" while swigging vodka from a Smirnoff's bottle at the corners of Franklin and Bradbury streets in Allston.

5:00 PM — Metro Boston police arrest Jarosz for impersonating a police officer, attempted urination on a police officer, operating while intoxicated, and receiving a stolen motor vehicle.


No word yet on why Patrick Kennedy decided to use an alias.

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