It's that time again! The Forbesies have popped together yet another list of vehicles and assigned character archetypes to their drivers. Interestingly enough the "Newly Divorced Dad" only scores a 'Vette convertible, while the "Newly Divorced Mom" rates an SL65 AMG. Does this mean that Mom wiped out Dad in an acrimonious divorce? And what about the kids? All the divorced moms we know in our peer group drive wagons. Then again, none of the divorced moms we know read Forbes. The list of sexy cars after the jump.

Sexiest Car for Hip-Hop Moguls: Rolls-Royce Phantom
Sexiest Car For Hollywood Agents: Lexus LS Hybrid
Sexiest Car For Miami Beach Plastic Surgeons: Lamborghini Murci lago Roadster
Sexiest Car For Mobsters: Cadillac Escalade & EXT
Sexiest Car For Newly Divorced Dads: Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
Sexiest Car For Newly Divorced Moms: Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG
Sexiest Car For Lobbyists: Cadillac CTS
Sexiest Car For Forbes Readers: Maserati Quattroporte
Sexiest Car For NBA Players: Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
Sexiest Car For Driving Purists: Aston Martin DB9 and Ferrari F430 (tie)

Sexiest Luxury Cars [Forbes]

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