Jameslist, the Craigslist for the hoity-toity set, now has seven 2008 Lamborghini Reventóns for sale out of only 20 ever made! Estimated value of the whole bunch is $10.8 million. Think they give volume discounts?


With all those impotent bankers and hedge fund managers having to live without millions in bonuses, hard decisions must be made. Is it the yacht, or the Reventón? Tough call, but the trophy wife doesn't like getting in the Lambo so we guess for seven owners, it's gotta go. There's one from the United Arab Emirates, two in the US and four on sale from Germany. All are commanding hefty premiums over the original $1.3 million asking price, with the going rate ranging from about $1.6 million to a shade under $2 million. With 35% of all the Reventón's ever built now on sale, you'd think the market would be flooded, although we still doubt they'll be giving any bulk buy discounts. [Jameslist via Reuters]