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Senate Panel Goes CAFE-Crazy, Sets 35 MPG Standard By 2020

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You know things are bad for your industry when the US Senate Commerce Committee passes a bill raising passenger fleet automotive fuel standards to 35 mpg as the average come 2020, and there's only two Republican senators expressing "reservations" about the bill. You know things have gone from bad to worse when the two senators are Ted "The Internet Is Not A Big Truck" Stevens of Alaska and Trent "Strom Is The Bomb" Lott of Mississippi. Just sayin'...


Senate panel sets 35 mpg standard by 2020 [CNN]

[Picture from grist]

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I'm with MasterShake, stop artificially depressing gas prices, and the auto's will take care of themselves...

... and yes, I'm aware of the other economic impacts that will come from higher fuel costs. I, for one, think it wouldn't be a bad thing if it suddenly got more expensive to truck food across the country (or from other countries). Cheap food grown by massive agribusiness is one of the reasons we're a nation of fatties.