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SEMA Show Exclusive: Jay Leno Loves The Amerigasm, And We Have The Napkin To Prove It!

Above you'll find our man Jay Leno, the lover of cars, and garage-lover of the Jalop riffing on the EcoJet. We learned the man can be pretty darn funny in person — but he also revealed his own secret love of the "amerigasm" as proven by his decision to only collect and build on 'merican cars and trucks. In addition to that bombshell, one of the more interesting points from last night's Leno event introducing his one-off biodiesel-burning supercar was when we learned the idea for the EcoJet originated with some of GM Design VP Ed Welburn napkin doodles. Well, since the General's all about saving things for posterity — they even managed to save the napkin he doodled his ideas for this unveiled-at-SEMA supercar-to-be — or at least the cockpit of said vehicle. We've got that picture below the jump, and a full gallery of the CAD and design team work-ups of the project. As an added bonus we've also got some great shots of Leno in denim-on-denim, and yeah, it's hawt.


[Jay Leno's SEMA Supercar Behind The Scenes Gallery]

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This image was lost some time after publication.

The EcoJet: Jay Leno's New GM-Outsourced Supercar [internal]

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Ted Striker

See, this is why people think that you have a direct line to the guy with the chin.