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The beans continue to spill on the custom and project cars we'll be seeing first hand this week at the SEMA show. The latest batch of over-baked legumes are these shots of Factory Five Racing's GTM show kit car. If you'll remember, the current GTM's a factory kit car built with bits and pieces of late model '97 to 2004 C5 Corvettes and then packed into a new shell built by FFR. Did we mention it's also got a Porsche gear box? Right โ€” an LS1 or LS6 engine mated to a Porsche transmission. We're not exactly sure what he's done to this particular GTM, as FFR's only is saying that it's "packed with killer upgrades like paddle shifter, carbon fiber details and a complete custom interior..." Yes, but what kind of killer upgrades and what kind of carbon fiber details and what kind of...OK, you get the picture. We do however know the details on the original FFR GTM, so we can use that as a starting point. We guess we'll have to wait until show time to see it ourselves. [via FFR]