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Just as we clicked on this article, the Stooges' "TV Eye" kicked in with Iggy screaming "LOOOO- OOOO- RRRRRD!" And well, Ig, after readiing this, we can't agree more. While we're starting to see "Reduced" signs around Pedro, nobody's throwing in a free lease on a Dodge Dakota. Nor have we heard about anyone with a 700,000-dollar home (which around here is a two-bedroom Craftsman bungalow) offering a two-year lease on an X5 X3 to any realtor who can sell his or her house. But that's just what Courtney Tursi of Commerce Township, MI is doing. Like seemingly everything else in Michigan, the housing market is going tits-up. And it's a shame, because we actually really like Michigan. And no, that's not just a sop to Wert. If we weren't so desperately winter-averse, we'd move to Hamtramck. It's like Michigan's version of Pedro.

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