Watch A Boring Sedan Rip A $400K Lamborghini Aventador In Half

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The $400,000+ Lamborghini Aventador destroyed dramatically at the hands of a midsize sedan in Brooklyn this weekend conveniently did so in front of a couple of cameras. While this is terrible carnage, it does show off how modern safety equipment is supposed to work.


As you can see in the video, the sedan (apparently a Mazda) is attempting to turn into a street or driveway when it clipped the Aventador. Witnesses have described the Lamborghini as "approaching at a high rate of speed," which is hard to determine in the video but plausible.

What's easy to determine is the person in the sedan didn't exercise great judgment or vision in deciding to turn in front of the Lamborghini.

The safety cell of the Aventador, for its part, did what it was supposed to do and reduced the energy of the accident by separating itself from the rest of the car. That's probably less comforting when you see the bill for reconnecting it.

Photo Credit: Reddit/Youtube



Seems to me like a case of an ignorant driver who doesn't realize that there are other cars on the road too. It takes some serious stupidity to be that unaware of incoming cars in front of you. It would take just a few seconds of observation to realize that what you are about to do could be very dangerous. That awareness is the difference between someone who ends up killed in a wreck, and someone who comes home and says "Wow! I almost died today! It was so close!"

It will all be blamed on the Lambo though.