See What Happens When You Don't Check Your Blind Spot?

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We saw a record four rollovers in last weekend's 24 Hours Of LeMons Texas, and the rollover parade started about five minutes after the green flag. Here we see what happens when an Escort ZX2 gets shoved into a Gremlin.


It was your classic MGB-Miata-Escort-Gremlin battle coming out of Turn 2 at MSR; the driver of the Lost In The Dark Miata couldn't stand being held back by the (dyno-verified) 34-horsepower Union Jack Racing MGB, so he made his move… right into the flank of the FUBAR Racing Ford Escort ZX2, which then used its vast wheel offset to climb up the side of the Substandard Racing '73 AMC Gremlin. The Escort flipped instantly, while the MGB and Gremlin spun off into the infield with major body damage.


Nobody hurt, but the members of Team FUBAR were mega-bummed to have their car knocked out of the race on the second lap after the green flag. Get ready for a LeMons HQ fatwa against tires that protrude past the fenders, racers… and, no, Mad Max-style wheel cages won't be permitted.

Many thanks to the Tetanus Neon team for the great video.