See what happens when an SUV loses a wheel at highway speed

Losing a tire in while driving an already rollover prone SUV at highway speeds has to be close to the top of the list of anyone's nightmare driving scenarios.


This Isuzu Trooper driver was on the highway in an unidentified foreign country (we want to say Russia out of habit) when that exact scenario played itself out.

From the sounds of it losing a wheel at high speed in a Trooper can only have one outcome—a serious rollover. With this in mind watching the driver's impressive recovery becomes even more amazing.


Hat tip to McNewbie!
[via TopGear]

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I had a major tyre failure on my FJ55 Toyota, right front. I was on a small highway going 55 probably, it took me right off the road and I luckily got it to calm down and come to a controlled stop. I was travelling in Arizona, there was a lovely rumble strip, I think they call it, on the side of the road so when my wheel hit that it shook the whole land cruiser, didn't help me get control!