See The Daihatsu Charade In Its Natural Element

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The Charade's ill-considered name didn't help its North American sales any, but perhaps Daihatsu would have moved more of them off the showroom floor if they'd pushed its glorious racing history over here.

With 993 screamin' cubic centimeters of pure 3-banger power under the hood, the Charade had what it took to make kids cover their ears as it buzzed past. But for real off-road madness, you needed the '82 Daihatsu Atrai microvan, which we see keeping up with a phalanx of dirt-bikers.

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Lord Dr. Nürburgring III, Esquire

The wild Daihatsu calmly makes its way across the Serengeti. It is a natural hunter, feeding on only the slowest of cars, naturally the only ones it could catch. It sees a wild tour bus, going 15 miles per's taking its time and is ready to strike. The Tour Bus hears the Daihatsu, and tries to make a run for it. The chase is on, and in a matter of hours the Daihatsu has caught up. He is ready to feast on his meal. He calls for other cars of the time to enjoy the feast. A group of roaming Nissans come and wish to partake, but the Daihatsu honks its horn very loudly. The Nissan will have to wait its turn...