See How A Full Sized Chevy Blazer Stacked Up To The Competition

Although it wouldn't take much to talk us into purchasing either of these full-size SUVs, back in 1981 when they were new Chevrolet made this dealer promo video to illustrate the minute differences between their Blazer and the Ford Bronco.


They start with what is likely the most important factor to any potential full size SUV buyer—Economy. Not surprisingly both get terrible mileage, but the Blazer's is slightly better. That was of course unless you ordered a new Bronco the right way—a fact Chevrolet does a nice job downplaying.

From there this amusing vintage dealer video outlines exactly how to explain the mostly insignificant differences between the two SUVS. To us it's worth watching if only to see what a rust free example of both of these trucks actually looked like.


Hat tip to Bajabusta!

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The blazer has 'Aerodynamic styling' and they managed to shave 50lbs off the weight just with one part

Also the V8 had a blistering 160 hp (13 less than my NA 4 cyl Subaru)

1981 was a long time ago indeed