See Amazing Footage Of A Destroyed Ferrari F430 After An Unbelievable Crash

This Ferrari F430 was destroyed beyond recognition this past week on a coastal highway outside of Athens, Greece and the unbelievable post crash wreckage is almost hard to believe.

According to witnesses a combination of excessive speed and rain slicked roads in the town of Vouliagmeni resulted in the F430 leaving the road and hitting a tree in the median strip at a high rate of speed Tuesday afternoon.


Amazingly the male driver—believed to be wealthy ship owner I. Leontidis by—and his passenger survived the crash. Although both were injured, their luck prevailed as shortly after they were both extracted from the Ferrari the car set what was left of itself on fire.

A local news outlet, Vimaonline, captured this video showing what is left of the F430 after the crash and subsequent fire. As you can see, there certainly isn't much of the Ferrari to remove from the road or to suggest that both of the lucky occupants of the supercar escaped with their lives.

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