My standard searching for derelict trucks just lead me to "Cyberust;" a primitive website showcasing a wide selection of delightful derelict vehicles somewhere in Texas. Naturally, I felt compelled to share it with you.

It would appears someone in O'Donnell, Texas has reached an appropriate time to "liquidate" after "all these years rodeo photography, drilling ,moving houses , trading farm equipment , Antiques , collectibles of all kinds. [sic]"

Once you scroll past some creepy banner ad from "SitePal" imploring you to make an animated woman say things, you get to a deep catalogue of rusty goodies. There are heaps of Internationals, stripped old pickup cabs, trailers, something called a Witchtex Spudder, and I haven't even started looking at the rodeo memorabilia!

I wonder how many ranch sales like this go down that we don't get to find out about through some wacky retro website. If anybody finds more collections of rusting relics like this, send them our way!

Images: Cyberust, Netscape Navigator