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Five months ago we told you about the owner of Innovation Cars and his attempt to sell his yet-to-be-delivered $1.5 million Lamborghini Reventon. One of the limited run of only 20 of the bull-branded budget-busters first revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show, we wondered whatever happened to his attempted sale. Well, it looks like although Hugh McAuley was able to part with the LP640-derived and up-priced Lambo it sure wasn't easy for a variety of reasons which he's detailed below the jump. The important news however is that he's got another Lamborghini Reventon to sell. Bidders interested should contact him via the link below the jump. Unless you're a scam artist. Or a "blagger." Then you should just leave him the hell alone.


"Three serious buyers very quickly. But the banks managed to screw up the transfer to Escrow of the first buyers funds (which made him get cold feet and pull out - a shame as he was a real petrol head, and a nice guy - not just an 'investor). Buyer #2 was a con artist! Everything from forged ID to fake bank transfer documents. He's now being dealt with by the authorities. But it was third time lucky! Job done."


And now they've got another one. Good luck with that, Hugh. [Innovation Cars]

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