Sebastian Vettel won the Malaysian Grand Prix after disobeying direct orders from the team not to pass teammate Mark Webber. Vettel apologized at the time, but now he's changed his tune. Instead of being apologetic, it sounds like he'd do the same thing again if given the chance.

In what can only be described as an incredibly candid interview with the BBC, Vettel said that if the same sort of moment were to arise again, he'd "probably do the same" and pass Webber for the win.

Vettel also issues this quote in regards to the controversy:


Vettel also says that the pass was partial retribution from a lack of support that Webber has given Vettel's side of the team, like at the Brazilian Grand Prix when Webbo was less than helpful in Vettel's title defense.


Red Bull has announced that they will no longer give team orders at the end of races, which means we might see many purple and blue Red Bull/Infiniti parts strewn about the race track come season end.

I'm excited to see where this leads.