Sometimes you’ve just got to head to your local junkyard and have a seat in an Austin-Healey. This particular 1962 Sprite’s floor was so rusted-out that I could barely find a place to sit. My co-worker Jason Torchinsky has suggested that I step through the floor and attach some suspenders to the lightweight car and jus

Would someone please tell that kid that little kids drinking milk aren’t supposed to look that, um, tough? I’ve never seen a five or six year old that looks so likely to see you, do one of those upward nods, and say “sup, dummy.”

I feel like when people are looking for a good, general-use, everyday practical car, they all too often forget to consider an Isdera. 

Volkswagen says today is the last day of Beetle production, even though we all know that really happened back in 2003. I’ll have more to say on this later, but for now, enjoy the strange, bulbous, slightly drug-trippy way they portrayed the Beetle in early ads.