Screw This Grumman LLV Nonsense! It's About the Jeep DJ-5!

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San Pedro pretty much has the coolest mailmen ever. They wear shorts year 'round. One of them, a studly, self-confident, swarthy man in aviators with a hipster haircut that he totally pulls off, refers to us as "Chief." Note that "Chief" is our favorite nickname that doesn't have anything to do with the ladies. In fact, in our own private Lebowski fantasies, we are referred to as "Chief" rather than "Dude." We may start pronouncing "Los Angeles" with a hard g. And then today, our mailman was wearing a pith helmet. We couldn't help but stop him and congratulate him on keeping classic postal headwear in use. The only thing missing was a Jeep DJ-5. We were suddenly four again, and all was right with the world. We're going to go find an example of the coolest postal-delivery vehicle in history now.


Custom 1973 Jeep DJ-5 4x4 Rock Crawler [Jp Magazine]

Flattery'll Get You Somewhere, A Jeepamino Will Get You Further [Internal]


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Ok, ok, I admit it: I drive a Wangler simply because it helps me act out my mailman fantasies.