Screw the Guerilla Radio! It's All About the Guerilla Drive-In!

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A friend of ours once did a wicked impression of Rancid's Tim Armstrong saying, "North Berkeley was the scene of the crime!" Which, if you've ever been to North Berkeley and/or met Tim Armstrong, is really goddamn funny. Still, the MobMov kids are all about creating a little bit of down-home mischief in the land of liberals. How's it work? Glad you asked, Kemosabe. Basically, the MobMovers send out an e-mail detailing the wheres and whens, you show up, they bring in a car with a projector and an FM transmitter and aim the picture at a wall, y'all tune your car stereos to the appropriate frequency, and voil !! Guerilla cinema. And, in the finest tradition of the Big Boys, they encourage you to go start your own MobMov!



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