Screw Strip Clubs, Blowing Up A Jetta Is The Ultimate Bachelor Party

Not content with normal bachelor party festivities like doing Jägerbombs at a strip club, this crew decided to blow up a Volkswagen Jetta using a rifle and some explosives, leaving a giant-ass crater in the ground.

MSN says they loaded 42 pounds of an explosive compound called Tannerite into the 1998 Jetta and let the groom take a shot from 300 yards away. The video speaks for itself: the Jetta is obliterated in a rapid and spectacular fashion. It's a grand sendoff indeed.

What better way to celebrate pending nuptials than by completely wiping a car off the face of the earth with guns and explosives? I don't think there is one.


Hat tip to $kaycog!

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Kind of cool, I guess. But is there any skill in hitting a CAR with a scoped rifle from less than 1000 yards? Wouldn't this have been more fun if you had to trip a target, and it was more than a one shot wonder? Or maybe a one shot wonder is good practice for his wedding night?