Everyone's always on Kanye's jock for showing up at Cannes driving a SLR Stirling Moss or using a Tatra in "Runaway," but is PBR&B'er Frank Ocean actually the cooler car guy?

It's easy to pick the most expensive, wildest looking cars available (and the SLR Stirling Moss is exactly that). When you can select any car it's more impressive to eschew the Ferraris and Lamborghinis for something with a bit more taste.

Ocean's first EP "Nostaliga, Ultra" features no less than a tastefully modified E30 M3 on the cover. Hard to top that. But the short music video above for his song "Acura Integurl" doesn't have an Acura Integra (although, props for the reference), opting instead for an Acura NSX — any car lover's dream.