Scotto On The Bullrun!

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Our boy Brian Scotto, who turned in coverage of the One Lap of America from his seat beside Ken Block in an STi, is jumping into a Z06 tomorrow for the Bullrun along with his Rides magazine publisher Ben Harris. So it's Jalopnik's 305-inch Chevy small block versus Rides' 427-inch small block. We're up over a hundred horsepower, but Scotto and Harris have A/C, a stereo, and will actually be able to converse. They've also got two more gears. However, the Stude was clocked during its La Carrera Panamericana-winning performance in '95 at 196 mph. And anecdotally, it'll do more. Plus, we've got a cage and Cool Shirts. Then again, they've got a stereo and air conditioning.

Bullrun Madness! [Internal]


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