Scott Burgess Of The Detroit News Is A Complete D***

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So we were sitting at home a few weeks ago when we got a phone call from Scott Burgess of the Detroit News. We figured that he, as the auto critic for the paper, was calling to let us know he had some sweet auto action he was currently testing and wanted to rub our face in it from afar. Nope, that wasn't at all the case — he was actually calling to rub my blogger nose in it from a-close. Turns out he was standing right outside the apartment building in downtown Royal Oak where the Jalopnik Detroit bureau's located — happily showing off his "get" from the bull-headed auto gods to anyone passing by. Apparently they'll let anyone with ink on their fingers get seat time in a Lamborghini Murcielago. Despite the fact he's a punk for the nose-thumbin' — please head over there and check out his review — he worked really hard on it. Seriously, we think he worked all of thirty minutes on it and come on, he mentions Paris Hilton in the first line. [Detroit News] Attention: The following post was sarcasm. Scott is a good writer. Read his reviews. Seriously.


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Scott reminds me of that kid at school who brought a cool toy to school just so other kids would talk to him..., I kid because I care

...hey, this guy's all right.


R. Dangerfield