Scion Hako Redesign Contest, Let The Battle Begin

We tried, we really did. We just couldn't cut the entries from the Scion Hako Redesign Contest down enough to make this voting process even mildly manageable. We apologize if your entry got left on the cutting room floor, but we were inundated with chops that ran the scale from amazing to amazingly awesomely bad. What we're left with is a set of forty of the best, worst, and most amusing redesigns for the fug-nasty Scion Hako. Since there are so many entries, we're going to let you narrow things down a bit. To keep things fair we stripped the names off and we're not going to name names on this round, just so some of you more popular hooligans don't win by sheer wit. Browse through the gallery and pick out your favorite, make a note of the number above the image and vote away. We'll take the top 5 vote-getters and have a vote-off tomorrow afternoon then send the winner some rad hats.


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Scion Hako Redesign Contest, Let The Battle Begin
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*EDIT: We tried to put the pics in order, but the internets are confounding us today

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