Scion FR-S is the new Toyota FT-86

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Our concerns over the Toyota FT-86 becoming the Scion FR-S numbered two: it would look boring and it would still cost too much. These first pictures of the FR-S show we don't have to worry about the first part.

Drawing from the sleeker FT-86 II concept, the RWD Scion departs only a little from the Toyota and therefore doesn't displease us. The wide fenders, complex rear diffuser and angry taillights all point towards a Toyota product you can maybe not feel bad get excited about.

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It's debuting later at the New York Auto Show, but images have leaked out from the company's own Scion Dimension live site and picked up by Speedhunters. For now we're still waiting for the details that will hopefully comfort us: real power, still RWD, affordable.

We're also waiting to find out if we'll also get a Toyota version, or of it's Scion or nothing for us North Americans.

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It is deeply saddening to look at these comments on today's jalopnik. I don't mean to sound biased or horrid to anyone... but this is why the RHD world used to not give anything good to the U.S.; they always ruin the stuff.

The original AE86 was equipped with 110hp; and though it was light, the car was never about power or speed. The car was about fun; bringing a smile to your face; and do you know why? I can't put my thoughts into one word but I'll try and explain my feelings.

I'm seeing calls for 250+hp. Horsepower of that level has can be called foreign currency; with a high exchange rate for cash. Though it does good on cars like Evo's, STi's, etc., it also creates the barrier for the "poor man's" racer (poor man can apply to terms like; "teenager", "former alfa-romeo owner", "hoon under high insurance rate", "Bill Caswell", etc.). It also takes half the fun out of the car; this car was considered special by Keiichi Tsuchiya, because it was one of the few which you can hang the arse out while attempting to push your right foot through the engine wall without having the bother of going anywhere ass first (the car won't spin out and REFER TO THE DRIFT BIBLE); add more horsepower and you'll have to apply nervous restraint with some clutching and throttle control... though that's fun as well, its just not the same; not as special. The original 4A-GE engine was also a very torquey engine; it was very consistent in its delivery of torque at most power levels and well, we know what turbo's do to power/torque curves across the rev range. I know the boxer in the new one is supposed to be NA, and I hope it stays that way.

In an AE86, anyone could get in and drive it; and anyone could own it. A Levin could be confused with your grandma's ordinary corolla/grocery getter (she will confuse it for that too). But put a skilled driver in it and the car would shine; a true driver's car that can be driven by everyone. Put the power in it and the price is gonna go up. Hoping that your grandma's gonna pass her's down to you? Not gonna happen because she's not gonna buy it; its got too much power. And that non-functioning diffuser is gonna turn her off anyways. It just comes like lusting after that poster in your room and never ever being able to touch/get-groceries-in your dream car. Where's the soul in that?

But back to the point of being a driver's car; ever watch those videos where Mister Tsuchiya is flinging the car downhill racing a R34 GT-R; that car had almost (maybe even less) than 200 hp... What are we average drivers gonna do with more? Why not train yourself to do it with the same amount of horsepower; if not, just go and buy a nurburgring nut-swinger with 600+hp. Oh you say its heavy because its gonna be a modern car. Well then perfect hp for this car is 150; and even that is too much; I'd like to see a modern RWD car with 120hp (I repeat) that looks the same as a corolla; but I'm crazy; not everyone is crazy; but that was what the AE86 was.

Look at what horsepower has done to the American car even. In a nutshell; while y'all were busy getting V8's down the drag strip and around a circle; the other countries were upgrading leaf suspensions in their small and slow cars. America was forced to either A. re-badge models (mitsubishi and dodge, pontiac and holden) B. drastically upgrade technology (Buick?) C. adapt to other markets (Ford which did B as well), or D. Lose (chrysler). All this why the other countries simply added a turbo if they needed to race. And because modern times have adapted to the American market, most of the world's cars become specialized with plenty horsepower; no lower end models to tune available for an average car price. Also included are usually 8 speakers and 10 cup holders. :S

But you know what my biggest concern is?

Its not horsepower. Cost is there but its not that either. Not one person on this thread asked if it comes with one of the AE86's most defining features; an LSD.

That's a F-ire-Tr-ucking failure. They better not put a Toyota badge on this car if it ain't got that.