Schumacher's Family Will Stop Updates Once He Leaves The Hospital

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Michael Schumacher has been in the hospital for the last few months after a horrific skiing accident left him in a coma. We've received a few positive updates recently, but once he leaves the hospital, it's his family's intention to stop all press. And it's the right thing to do.

According to Michael's manager Sabine Kehm, the German has shown a number of small improvements as of late, but once he moves into a rehab facility, the "plan and our desire would be that from the moment in which Michael can go into a rehab clinic, this media coverage will stop."

Obviously, Michael is a public figure and an icon. No matter how much they want to keep him super private and secluded, there will still be attempts by the media to get access to Michael. Some may also say that because he's a public figure, his family "owes" it to the public to provide updates on his condition and health.


The reality s that it's up to Schumacher's family what gets released. If they want people to know about the MSC, they will relay information. And I'm sure if Michael's recovery is astounding and he is able to reenter the public eye, there will certainly be updates. But until there is anything positive or monumental to report, Schumacher's family has no reason to stoke the media fire.

It's the smart move and the right move.

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We don't have any vegetable jokes yet, so if you do, lettuce know.

Joking aside, I hope he's fine. #getwellmichael