Schumacher Wins First Motorcycle Race, Prompting Rumors Of New Career

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Former F1 driver Michael Schumacher has won his first ever motorcycle race. The ex-Ferrari driver has successfully completed tests on board Ducati's MotoGP bike and raced a Honda CBR1000RR. With the addition of this win, on board a Triumph Daytona 675, the motorcycle world is rife with rumors that he will compete professionally in a major racing class next season.

In addition to his Triumph, Schumacher brought his track prepped Ducati 1098R and Desmosedici RR to the Barcelona track for testing. It's not known which series, if any, Schumacher would choose to participate in, but it's assumed he can pretty much write his own ticket. Any lack luster performance would be made up for by his crowd-pulling name. [Via Motorcycle News]

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No matter WHAT this man does, he displays MADSKILLZ. I envy his drive, resolve and work ethic. Never thought I'd see a headline of him winning a bike race though. Great story.

I also wouldn't expect him to have nearly the success as a Rossi or Stoner being he's well past the prime of age and I think we all know that bike races get beat to hell. Wouldn't it be sweet to see him doing Isle of Mann TT or something though? And fortunately his good sense is keeping him from running the oval-turds .. I'd have to gouge my eyes out if that ever happened...bad enough Hornish had to go, but damn, that would be like, I dunno, Delahoya in lingerie?