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School Bus Drivers Fired After Drag Racing Each Other With Kids Onboard

Illustration for article titled School Bus Drivers Fired After Drag Racing Each Other With Kids Onboard

Drag racing on public roads: It's fun, it's illegal, it's stupid, it's dangerous, and anyone can do it. Even a pair of Iowa school bus drivers who had a bunch of elementary school kids on board.


Unfortunately, the school board president didn't think that was so awesome, so the drivers have been fired, according to this report from Des Moines' WHO-TV.

The drag race happened while the two drivers were bringing the kids back from a special Valentine's Day field trip (Side note: Kids get time away from class for Valentine's Day now? This is why the Chinese are going to destroy us someday.)


The TV station spoke to one 7-year-old boy who was extremely freaked out by the race:

At first, Brennon says it was fun. Then it turned scary. “They were going, like they were going like that.” Brennon says, holding his hands side by side like they were racing, “The kids started shouting ‘yes yes’ and then they started shouting ‘no no.’”

School board president T.J. Norman said the district had only one choice, to fire the drivers. “I have no idea how long they were side by side but long enough that children were…were fearful,” Norman said.

Apparently one of the bus drivers claimed that he was in front and had his cruise control on when the other driver sped up to pass him, according to the TV station. The incident still cost him his job.

School officials say it's unlikely that criminal charges will be brought against either driver.


I don't know, I probably would have thought that was great fun when I was a kid, but not everyone shares my enthusiasm for hoonage.

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Hat tip to Brian!

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Obligatory video post:

Whether they actually sped or not, I can see why the drivers would be fired. If it had been a single driver accelerating spiritedly, I doubt it would have been an issue. Some kids may have noticed, but probably wouldn't have said anything. Because the two drivers did it drag race fashion, it became something novel for the kids. They in turn shared it with their parents, who in turn went to the school to complain.

Giving kids propensity to tell fantastical tales out of any new and novel experience, and given protective parents propensity to further enhance these tales, it's quite possible that something that could have just been some spirited acceleration became the firing hells of tire smoking inferno with Hitler behind one wheel, Stalin behind the other and Satan all the while cheering the drivers on to go fast and faster until the wheels fell off and OH MY GOD THE KIDS!!

In all seriousness though, this behavior shouldn't be encouraged with kids onboard. Do it in the bus yard after the kids have all been dropped off at home, and film it so I can see.

This bus drag race does make me wonder though, what are some of the most unusual vehicles ever drag raced? Like really unusual, say the Shuttle carrier verses a Rascal scooter kind of unusual (so long as the Rascal has Tip Assist it's a sure winner).