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Schmitz & Simons Return To The 'Ring In A Larea GT1 S9 Evo

Nürburgring resident drivers Ron Simons and Sabine Schmitz have graced the internet with another tarmac attack, this time in a Larea GT1 S9 Evo.


What the hell is a Larea GT1 S9 Evo, you ask? It has a 7.2-liter V8 producing 720 horsepower, it weighs less than 1,000 kilograms dry, and it costs about $460,000 in America-moneys. Let's just say it is best taken to the limit in the hands of a professional.

Ron gloats about his performance over wine with Sabine, then indulgences us to a helmet-cam ridealong for his sub-eight minute lap.


Hat tip to Ksidiras!

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Did Sabine really have a marijuana leaf necklace on during the chat with Ron?