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Scary video from inside car hit by Japanese tsunami

One survivor of Japan's tsunami was able to capture the moment the wave hit his car and knocked it off the road. Afraid but calm, he followed the same advice we heard, staying put until the waters receded.


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This reminds me of something my parents told me earlier today as they tried to inflict some of their limited car knowledge on me. We had just witnessed a Rav4 overtaking another car in a risky opening, and they had asked me what I what I would have done had it created a head-on accident (I was driving, on my permit). I told them I would dodge and accelerate, to get past the zone of collision before one of the cars spun into my path.

They seemed shocked by this, saying I should always brake. This was followed by a brief lecture about the car having ABS and some BS about that being some kind of magic god of anti-crashiness.

But this just reminds me - why does everyone train themselves to brake? There should be no "trained" response to an emergency situation; instead, there should be more focus on control and understanding of car motion itself. If the vehicle in front of you collides head on, you shouldn't have already planned for it - there are simply too many situations to be "prepared" for, and if you react to the wrong one, well, things get worse. Instead, you should just react instinctively. If a tsunami strikes your car, as we saw in this video, the reaction should not be to brake - it should be to floor it and try to push ahead while you still can. Otherwise, it's too late.