Here's a tip: when a guy who has raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Formula One and has been a tester for Ferrari and Williams wants to pick you up in the hot new Alfa Romeo 4C, you say yes!

In this new ad for the 4C, Spanish driver Mark Gené speeds around the streets of Madrid and asks people if they want to ride shotgun. Many of them say no, which gives me concerns about the taste and judgement of people in Spain.

But then a fellow named Jose says "Why the hell not," and Mark takes him on a nice little cruise... that ends up at a race track with the camo tape off and the 4C being flung at high speeds.

Doing so results in a little-understood but generally awesome medical condition known colloquially as "Alfa Face."


And at the end, Jose gets dropped off in front of yet another 4C with an attractive blonde woman sitting on the hood for some reason.

Bet you're glad you said "yes," aren't you, Jose?