Say What?! Lutz Hints at Ute for US, Won't Be a Chevrolet

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We're not sure what to make of this addendum to the pickupcar question. GM Inside News says GM's chairman of vice, Bob Lutz, responded to an e-mail about the new VE Commodore-based Holden utes thusly:

GMIN: "Hope the new Ute gets a more Chevy look if it goes Stateside."

Lutz: "Well, that's what we want to do, but it won't be a Chevrolet!"

We know how mischievous the good Mr. Lutz can be, so don't parse too strenuously. It's on the record that GM's gray panther is personally in favor of a new version of the El Camino / Caballero, though what this means is anyone's guess. And we wouldn't be a bit surprised if someone in accounting has already been assigned to the cost-benefit analysis of it all. So where in GM's US line would such a ute fit? GMC? Cadillac? Pontiac? Buick? Hummer? Saab? Desk? Ok, now we're just calling nouns at random. [GM Inside News]

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Lamp! Er, I mean, GMC! A Holden Ute looks like it'll be more lux than utilitarian on this continent and the only GM division that combines lux and utility is GMC. (Ironic that every dump truck I see is a GMC, though...) The idea of a Cadillac tuck-car, however, is simply preposterous.